Why you are not friends anymore?

Ons Bouneb
2 min readOct 3, 2020

They suddenly changed and you lost contact, you are wondering why? This article is for you, you may find your purpose.

They may be in love with you, deal with it.

They discovered this after years of being friends with you. From nowhere they noticed that your smile illuminates their day, talking with you makes them happy and you are their moonlight. So they decide, by fear of rejection to take a step back and to take the decision to stop seeing you without any explanations.

They found someone new.

You are no longer enough, you are not that funny anymore, they already know your jokes and they don't find you interesting, they found a new company. You know people at the beginning are mysteries and worth the discovery. They simply get bored, they do not enjoy your talks, your drama, and your daily routine.

You are no longer seeing each other:

Maybe you are no longer living in the same country or you are both done with each other's drama.

We can't deny the fact that being present physically has a great impact on any type of relationship, so again this is life, deal with it.

They are just busy with life, don't take it personally.

They may get promoted, started doing working out, and going to the gym, maybe they discovered that the time is precious and they need to invest in it rather than chilling with you.

They are just busy with life, don’t take it personally.

They do not need you anymore :

Sad news, you were the victim.

You were not friends, they only needed something from you, they took it and then left, that's life, deal with it.

They are looking for a new victim, his loss, your win.

You were only school friends :

Soulmates, studying together for years, you finally graduated and Boom, you lost touch and everyone is minding their business, it’s normal, this is why we call it school friends because they will be their only for that period.

That was the article of today, I hope you found your answer here.



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