Welcome to adulthood.

It’s your favorite land!

Ons Bouneb
2 min readJan 21, 2019


Today we had the last official education exam of our life, well for most of us!

Today we passed the last practice test and last academic project.

People are emotional, and everyone is asking us about our feelings, and how it is to be in the last year of studies, well me I thought I would feel happy and free, but guys no, We are feeling empty, it’s the right description of us now.

Maybe because it’s the ending of a part of our life, a part that was so clear and designed! But what about now? How it will be? How will we be doing things? What’s our motivation to wake up every morning? How to get tested, and who will give us good marks?

Who will tell us we are good enough to succeed based on our marks? even though I believe that marks never define our level, but you all know how it works while studying.

It will be better? Harder? More fun?

How will be forcing deadlines? will we be brave enough while swimming in this adulthood world?

What are we doing to be proud of ourselves? Will we have more activities or should we imagine ourselves working day and night?

Will we enjoy our youth, or it will hustle to get more money and more claps?

Will I be able to keep my beautiful smile after this? Will I be able to keep spreading love and joy all over the world?

Will people still call me joy lady? will people around me appreciate my kindness? My stupid mood? my schizophrenic kind soul? my evil Lara character? my funny laugh? my awful voice? my cupid smile? my energy? My big heart? All of me.

Will we feel more anxious? Will we feel more stressed? Or will we be more optimistic now that we already went through a lot of actions and activities during our academic soul!

Did we just finish our academic tests, and now it’s time for life tests?

Now that I am not studying anymore, I think I have more time for long talks and writing. Stay tuned and wait for tomorrow's article!

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