Ladies can code TOO!

Being a lady in the world of tech and computer science is no longer strange!

Ons Bouneb
3 min readNov 30, 2018
Picture of a little lady coding at GoMyCode Hackerspace

I am a computer science engineering student and I love what I am doing! I am so interested in discovering new technologies!

For me, every day is an opportunity to learn something new! It’s a dynamic world right here!

I am curious to know more; I even started writing tech articles!

First opportunity:

GoMycode, a school that teaches students how to code innovatively.

You can check its Facebook page or the site.

The significant thing there is that they are always organizing events for ladies:

like even moms can code and this weekend the Gomycode team is preparing a Hackathon for you ladies entitled: She Can Hack.

It’s a hackathon for ladies, at least 50% of them are! Such a great initiative!

This a small description of the event found on their page :

She Can Hack is an initiative launched by GoMyCode, xTECH and IEEE WIE ESPRIT Affinity Group aiming to empower women between (16–26 YO) in Tech-World by providing them the right environment to hack under a specific theme. We do believe in the great added-value women can bring in the Tech World, and YOU can help us reach what we envision by joining us on December, 1st, and 2nd at GoMyCode Hackerspace for a 24 hours Hackathon An interesting agenda is planned including a panel composed of successful Tunisian women entrepreneurs under the topic: “Women, Entrepreneurship and New-Tech”.

Register here:

picture from the event page

I encourage you to participate and win! One month ago, my partner and I competed in a coding hackathon and we won first place! WE CAN DO It ladies!

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In order to be efficient in Techland, you, my smart lady, can be part of a lot of organizations that are in IT like:

Second opportunity:

If you are in a college that has a field of computer science or electronics, you may have:

The Junior enterprise club/association:

And if you are not familiar with the concept, it’s a club that encourages young students to apply what they learned in the classroom in professional life. Interesting, right?

Here are some junior enterprises in IT :


An organization that gathers engineers and searchers worldwide

Here is a well-known branch :

I do believe that clubs at the university are the best place to practice both soft and hard skills. If you are a freshman ask about them and be part of them!

Third opportunity:

Opportunities for you ladies :

The U.S. Embassy Tunis is calling women from Tunisia working in the STEM fields.

The #TechWomen program is now accepting applications for the 2019 program!

Visit TechWomen’s website to see other requirements and award details. Apply by Jan. 16. Tunisia Techwomen!

picture from the Us embassy Tunis:

There are a lot of opportunities for you my smart ladies.

I recommend you to check those opportunities and to get involved!

Embrace your greatness, ladies!



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