Ladies can code TOO!

Being a lady in the world of tech and computer science is no longer strange!

Picture of a little lady coding at GoMyCode Hackerspace

First opportunity:

She Can Hack is an initiative launched by GoMyCode, xTECH and IEEE WIE ESPRIT Affinity Group aiming to empower women between (16–26 YO) in Tech-World by providing them the right environment to hack under a specific theme. We do believe in the great added-value women can bring in the Tech World, and YOU can help us reach what we envision by joining us on December, 1st, and 2nd at GoMyCode Hackerspace for a 24 hours Hackathon An interesting agenda is planned including a panel composed of successful Tunisian women entrepreneurs under the topic: “Women, Entrepreneurship and New-Tech”.

picture from the event page
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Second opportunity:

Third opportunity:

picture from the Us embassy Tunis:

Embrace your greatness, ladies!



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